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Eye Informations

  • Tears Again Liposome Spray Designed for patients with mild to moderate dry eye, the unique spray contains microscopic liposomes in solution with vitamins A and E. The user holds the spray tip 4 to 6 inches from the eye and — with the eyelids gently closed — sprays the solution once on each eyelid. Then the spray is massaged into the lids. For more information: Click here
  • www.crystalreflection.com Therapeutic Lenses. Our mission is to cosmetically change the appearance of damaged eyes, provide natural iris depth, and offer the most accurate color matching and detail available to the contact lens industry. Lens Designs Hand Painted Iris Designs --custom prosthesis to provide natural detail and coloring. The benefits of our designs are profound. In many cases individuals who would be considered disfigured are allowed to lead normal active lives by cosmetically removing the stigma associated with their ocular problems.
  • This group is for the discussion of ocular issues cause by Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. We also welcome others with cornea problems. Moderator, Rob Arbuckle
    Yahoo! Groups : Ocular-surface-Cornea
  • Introducing SYSTANE™ Lubricant Eye Drops...a revolution in dry eye care. SYSTANE™ is the first artificial tear clinically proven to reduce both signs and symptoms of dry eye. Click here
  • Seventy Years of Excellence in Pharmacy
    Leiter's Park Avenue Pharmacy has been serving the needs of its customers since its founding by Harry Leiter in 1926. His sons, Morton and Lionel, continued this tradition until last year when Lionel retired. Morton and his son, Charles Leiter, Pharm.D. (the third generation to do so) continue this tradition of providing excellent pharmaceutical care and specialty compounding on a nationwide referral basis. Morton was trained at UCSF and his specialty is custom creating compounds for the 3 main hospice organizations in the Santa Clara Valley and also hormonal therapy. Charles was trained at USC and his specialty is creating custom ophthalmic drugs, (we currently make over 200 of these), and injectables for use by physicians or patients.


    Lieter Pharmacy
    1756 Park Avenue
    San Jose, California 95126
    (408) 292-6772, (800) 292-6773
    Fax (408) 288-8252
    Email: cleiter@LeiterRx.com
    Website: Click Here
  • Vision Simulator:
    Our purpose is to help individuals with normal vision understand the visual aberrations that accompany eye injury, various eye diseases and conditions
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