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SJS/TEN Awareness Events

  • SJS Awareness Benefit Concert
    Special thank you to Anne Farrell for organizing the SJS Awareness Benefit Concert. Anne is a junior at Colorado State University majoring in journalism. Over the years Anne has volunteered countless hours to the Foundation. The concert was held on August 18th to raise awareness of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Allergic drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in United States and the month of August is Steven Johnson Syndrome awareness month officially proclaimed by Colorado Governor Bill Owens. [more]

    To view a slide show of the event please: [click here]

  • First SJS Awareness 5k Walk/Run
    The first SJS Awareness 5 K Walk/Run was held on August 13, 2005. With months of careful planning what could go wrong?

    The day before the walk was a sunny, beautiful, Colorado day. Last minute errands were run including picking up water from Eldorado Water Company, renting a helium tank and purchasing balloons. We filled runner's bags with SJS fact sheets, homemade awareness ribbons made by survivors, SJS water bottles and snacks. We even worked until 1:00AM hanging banners around the park leaving 5 minutes of sleep before returning at 6:00am to set up the registration booth. [more]

    For photo gallery of First SJS Awareness 5k Walk/Run [click here]

  • Westminster Fair
    This was our third year to participate at the Westminster Fair in Westminster, Colorado. There was a great deal of interest in Allergic Drug Reactions and many people stopped by to pick up an SJS fact sheet. We would like to thank the following volunteers for helping man the booth, Jeanne & Will Eggleston, Leslie Farrell, Amit Khatri, Dan McCawley and Jeanette Schnitzer. As always your help is appreciated.

    [ Click here ] to see the slide show of Volunteers in Westminster Fair 2005


  • SJS Awareness
    Once again the SJS Foundation participated in the Westminster Fair, located in Westminster, Colorado. Our Awareness booth was a huge success. The Government Proclamations were displayed as well as SJS photos and information on 3 display boards. We distributed over 500 SJS Fact sheets from 10 AM until 5:00PM. It was a long day but well worth the time. SJS survivors Amit Khatri, Penn Street and Julie McCawley volunteered their time to help pass out information. One woman knew a little girl in California that is a member of our support group. Many people stopped and asked questions and thanked us for being there. Special thanks to the volunteers that helped to man the booth. We couldn't have done it without you! To see the slide show of Volunteers in Westminster Fair 2004

    [ Click here ] to see the slide show of Volunteers in Westminster Fair 2004
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